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Actor /ˈæk.tər/ noun: A person whose profession is acting on the stage, in films, or on television or radio. A participant in an action or process.

"Who can I be for you today?
Husband, lover, brother, thief in the night
Best friend, worst enemy, hero or prince, leader, healer or man with a gun!
Shy and retiring, first on the dancefloor or slightly surreal?
They're all in there awaiting their cue!"


Made for the London 48 Film Challenge 2016

London Filmaking Collective and Sketch in Studios
Christmas Movie

Directed by Sonali Bhattacharya
Screenplay by Nick Hilton
Director of Photography Keif Gwinn

Daniel Osgood as Henry Flemming
Natalie Harper as Nataly
Sophie Mackenzie as Sophie
Zoe Cunningham as Zoe

Producers Nick Hilton Keif Gwinn
Editor David Yilma
Sound Joe Button
Assistant Director Khadifa Wong
Assistant Photogarpher Christina Halvorsen
Music Michal Korniewicz
Storyboards / Illustration Emily Tabet

Stage - Macbeth

The East London Shakespeare Co. Presents
By William Shakespeare

Directed by Stefano Reali

Jesse Ayerty as Macbeth
Alec Bennie as Ross
Igor Cherstich as Macduff
Bradley Crees as Banquo
Dominic Danson as Malcolm
Lara Falkner as Lady Macbeth
Sofia Ferreira as Witch 3
Suzanne Kendall as Witch 2
Daniel Osgood as King Duncan
Arlindo Peti as Lennox
Chloe Wigmore as Witch 1
Director: Stefano Reali Assistant Director: Amelia Parillon Assistant Director: Martina Serra Producers: Jesse Ayertey, Arlindo Peti and Stefano Reali
Costumes: Eva Escribano Music: Gabriel Peti


Written and directed by Ruggero Dalla Santa

Clark Renney - John
Daniel Osgood - Frank

JOHN had a childhood ambition to play football, but was not good enough to play professionally. After a lifetime of hard work he became successful in business and bought his local football club. The club however is in trouble on the field and facing relegation at the end of the season.

FRANK is the Team Manager, and to his horror he has discovered that his players are using amphetamines, Frank has asked John to meet him at training.

Special thanks to Harlow Town FC

PHOTOGRAPHY - Generva Ginger Gentili
Daniel Osgood Photography by Ginger Gentili
Antigone - stage

A recently discovered translation of the classical Greek tragedy.

This newly discovered translation was undertaken by Peter and Barbara Bridgmont in the 1960’s together with the late Dr Johann W. Ernst , a Scholar of Ancient Greece. The translation brings the English version of the play as close as possible to the poetry and rhythm of the ancient Greek original.

This first professional public performance of this translation since 1966

Director Dimitry Devdariani

Sophie Steel - ANTIGONE
Daniel Osgood - KREON
Louise McConnell - ISMENE and Chorus
Murray Simon - HAIMON
Charles Church - WATCHMAN and Chorus
Tristan Hyde - TIRESIAS and Chorus
Blake Scott - MESSENGER, BOY and Chorus
Karlina Grace - CITIZEN of THEBES and Chorus
Linda Large - THEBAN WOMAN and Chorus
Hilary Burns as QUEEN EURYDIKE and Chorus

Original music by Brian Hosefros

A DoesGood Theatre Production

"Kreon is a man torn between his loyalty to his family and his duty to uphold the laws of Thebes. He is stuck in a classic catch 22 situation. A joy for me to play such an iconic part."

No White Mongoose For Wilma - stage
Mongoose show

No White Mongoose for Wilma is the tale of Ms Wilma Cruikshank, Mrs Carshalton and Mrs Zizou: Victorian ladies who lunch. Their menus have included the most exotic dishes from around the world.

A new comedy which made its debut at Etcetera Theatre London as part of the Black Box Festival

Helen Minassian - Wilma
Grace Cookie-Gam - Mrs Carshalton
Miranda Harrison - Mrs Zizou
Daniel Osgood - Mandrake
Angus Chisholm - Reginald

Directed By Dimitry Devdariani
Written by Darren Brealy

A DoesGood Theatre Production

"...Daniel Osgood is a star turn as the bumbling Mandrake smitten by Wilma. He tries to woo her with a mongoose seemingly unaware of her aversion..."

"Imagine if Oscar Wilde took a bush-tucker trial... that is the premise for No White Mongoose For Wilma. Victorian ladies who lunch on ostrich, porpoises, hedgehog and other assorted 'delicacies'. Mandrake was a complete buffoon without the faintest idea how much Wilma hates mongooses."


Harmless - stage
"Harmless - a new play written and directed by Dimitry Devdariani. I played Bob a man troubled by new technology. It was described as 'thought-provoking and daring' at the Lost Theatre, London."

Serenity's End - film
Serenity's End film poster
miami web fest 2014 selection
Resilient - film
Resilient Image

A ship is out in deep space on a routine mission to map the stars

Ada (Carmina Kato) wakes in her cabin. A communication device buzzes on the night stand. She hears the familiar voice of her friend and colleague Alan (Daniel Osgood) with a favourite quotation to start her day

Ada's been on an extended flight and is finishing up her work ready for the return to Earth when, suddenly, things begin to go wrong...


A tale of long distance love out in the cosmos and the emotional toll separation brings

Directed by Talisa Oberoi
Produced by Zein Kurdi
Written by Cihan Narin

Carmina Kato as Ada
Daniel Osgood as Alan

Currently in post production

"I've just wrapped on a sci-fi short. Great script and wonderful cast and crew. It was fun being out in space."

Previous Productions
Red Light Soho - Stage
War Baby - Radio Play
War Baby a play with Carol Cleveland, Bruce Montague and Daniel Osgood. Directed by Dimitri Devdaraiani

'War Baby' with Carol Cleveland, Bruce Montague and Daniel Osgood.

A dramatisation of a diary written by Carol's parents during the London Blitz and given to her on her eighteenth birthday. It has been presented as a stage production and has now been adapted for radio.

It is a thought provoking play dealing with the experience of bringing a child into the world in the dark days of World War 2. A mother and father who were divided in their opinions of the war effort… one forever optimistic, while the other's strong moral convictions — as a conscientious objector opposed to the war — threatened to tear the family apart.

The common denominator was their great love for the daughter that friends said they were 'cruel' to have.


War Baby' is an authentic document of its kind, written by one exceptional family who lived through the hardships of war.

It's a story of love and loss, of war and peace, of hope and despair, with a big chunk of 'show-business' thrown in too!


"An informative, engaging and extremely moving account of a family at war."
Brighton Fringe Review 2009

Directed and Produced by Dimitry Devdariani
Carol Cleveland as Herself / Mother
Bruce Montague as Father
Daniel Osgood as Sydney Box / Frederick

In colaboration with Resonance 104.4FM

"I'm delighted to be playing alongside Carol and Bruce, two legends of British comedy. War Baby is a brilliant piece that captures both the atmosphere of the dark days of war and the joy that comes with the arrival of a new life."