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Written Apology
Written Apology - Film

Waking in a hospital unsure of what has happened or how he got there one man pieces together the events that led to this point in his life

A dark and troubling story emerges: just who is the enigmatic visitor and what does she want?

Shot at Elstree Studios and on location in London


ABOVE: production photo © Ginger Gentili

Edmund Short as The Man
Daniel Osgood as The Doctor
Sarah Bauer as The Patient

Directed by Benedict Elsworthy
Written by Ginerva Ginger Gentili
Produced by Disparity By Design UK

"A great new thriller - you'll get no spoilers from me! A tense, dark and unrelenting script from Ginger Gentili"

The SOuth Bank, London
Serenity's End - Film

Serenity's End is set in futuristic dystopian London in 2018

The city is controlled by a powerful network that everyone has to be connected to in order to maintain a certain lifestyle

When an ancient artifact comes to light the network suddenly seems to become the ultimate threat.

In the wrong hands the mysterious artifact could be used to control every single person of the capital. Or even more.


Who are the good guys and who are the bad guys? That is far from certain until the very end...

Shot entirely on location in London

Serenity's End was a finalist in the
Miami 2014 Film Festival

Dominic Danson as Griffin
Daniel Osgood as Lee Jones
Sebastien Blanc as Truman

Directed by Julia Nebauer
Written by Julia Nebauer
Produced by Queenie Wu

"A great script that poses the question 'What if...?' Lee is just interested in carrying out orders no matter what the cost...Working with a great cast and crew on this brilliant piece of sci-fi"

Serenity's End Coming Soon



Resilient Image
Resilient - Film

A ship is out in deep space on a routine mission to map the stars

Ada (Carmina Kato) wakes in her cabin. A communication device buzzes on the night stand. She hears the familiar voice of her friend and colleague Alan (Daniel Osgood) with a favourite quotation to start her day

Ada's been on an extended flight and is finishing up her work ready for the return to Earth when, suddenly, things begin to go wrong...


A tale of long distance love out in the cosmos and the emotional toll separation brings

Directed by Talisa Oberoi
Produced by Zein Kurdi
Written by Cihan Narin

Carmina Kato as Ada
Daniel Osgood as Alan

"An intriguing sci-fi short. Great script and wonderful cast and crew. It was fun being out in space."

War Baby a play with Carol Cleveland, Bruce Montague and Daniel Osgood. Directed by Dimitri Devdaraiani
War Baby - Radio / Play

'War Baby' with Carol Cleveland, Bruce Montague and Daniel Osgood.

A dramatisation of a diary written by Carol's parents during the London Blitz and given to her on her eighteenth birthday. It has been presented as a stage production and has now been adapted for radio.

It is a thought provoking play dealing with the experience of bringing a child into the world in the dark days of World War 2. A mother and father who were divided in their opinions of the war effort… one forever optimistic, while the other's strong moral convictions — as a conscientious objector opposed to the war — threatened to tear the family apart.

The common denominator was their great love for the daughter that friends said they were 'cruel' to have.


War Baby' is an authentic document of its kind, written by one exceptional family who lived through the hardships of war.

It's a story of love and loss, of war and peace, of hope and despair, with a big chunk of 'show-business' thrown in too!


"An informative, engaging and extremely moving account of a family at war."
Brighton Fringe Review

Directed and Produced by Dimitry Devdariani
Carol Cleveland as Herself / Mother
Bruce Montague as Father
Daniel Osgood as Sydney Box / Frederick

In collaboration with Resonance 104.4FM

"I was delighted to play alongside Carol and Bruce, two legends of British comedy. War Baby is a brilliant piece that captures both the atmosphere of the dark days of war and the joy that comes with the arrival of a new life."