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British actor Daniel Osgood has appeared on film, television, stage and radio

At a young age Daniel decided he wanted to become either an actor, a doctor or possibly a time traveller after meeting Tom Baker. Tom arrived at a book signing in full Doctor Who costume. Daniel says:
"To me as a child it was like the Doctor had arrived from outer space, not using the TARDIS but I realised he was undercover in a more earthly mode of transport - a SIlver Ford Granada. Still, he was like an eccentric whirlwind with that scarf and a bag of Jelly Babies!"

ABOVE: DANIEL OSGOOD Image © Ruggero Dalla Santa

Daniel has played roles as diverse as Riff Raff in the musical "The Rocky Horror Show", Lenetsky - a very dodgy geezer in "RedLight Soho" - and Alan, an android coming to terms with his emotions in "Resilient"

Recently his ambition to play a Doctor was fulfilled in new British thriller "Written Apology" directed and written by Benedict Elsworthy and Ginerva Gentili, filmed at Elstree studios and on location in London.

ABOVE: Production shot from "Written Apology" Image © Ginerva Gentili

2013 saw him filming in London on the sci-fi film Serenity's End as Lee: a rather shady character... The shoot took place on the London Eye, Canary Wharf and other locations across the capital. The film was selected for the Miami Festival in 2014


In 2013 Daniel fulfilled another childhood ambition by playing three Bond Villains in the affectionate comedy 007 Reduced in London's glittering West End. The show achieved the almost impossible task of re-telling the story of all the James Bond films in just one evening.

He also played the legendary movie producer Sydney Box alongside Monty Python's Carol Cleveland. The play War Baby was based on a baby diary kept by Carol's parents during the dark days of World War 2 and dealt with the arrival of a new baby in uncertain times and her father's vehement rejection of war on moral grounds as a conscientious objector.

Daniel will soon be returning to the West End with the unstoppable and incomparable Lynn Ruth Miller in a brand new comedy musical show 'How Life Begins"

Daniel's voice has graced our television screens as a continuity announcer for ITV and BBC, he would like to take this opportunity to apologize if he ever interrupted your enjoyment of the end credits but denies all blame as someone else told him to do it…